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Listed below are local and national scholarships available to students. Please contact Mrs. Howard if you have any questions. 

January 2019 Due Dates:
Discover Student Loans Scholarship

The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association Technician Scholarship

UWSP Trytten Scholarship

2019 Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Initiative Scholarship

Association of WI Snowmobile Clubs Scholarship

GSAFE Youth Scholarship

February 2019 Due Dates:
WACE National Co-op Scholarship

BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship
BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship Information

WI Professional Police Association Scholarship

WI Cattlemen's Association Scholarship

Birchwood Bobcat Riders Youth Ambassador

March 2019 Due Dates:
The Color of Hope Scholarship

April 2019 Due Dates:
HonorsGradU Scholarship

WITC Promise Scholarship

Northwoods Community Credit Union Scholarship

Diabetes Scholars College Scholarship

AB Nicholas College Scholarship

May 2019 Due Dates:
Kids' Chance of Wisconsin Scholarship

June 2019 Due Dates:
The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship

December 2019 Due Dates:
Northwoods Community Credit Union Military Scholarship

Various Scholarships newsletter (Due dates: October 15, 2018-January 31, 2019) (Due dates December 11, 2018-January 11, 2018)

College Peas Student Standout College Scholarship

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

National Scholarship Search:
College Board

Scholarship America

Fast Web

Student Scholarship Search