About Us

Why Choose Us!

When you CHOOSE Birchwood, you choose:

  • A high-quality education from each of our four learning environments.
    • Birchwood Traditional School (Elementary, Middle School, High School)
    • Birchwood Public Montessori (PK-6th grade)
    • NEW Birchwood Charter School - Coming Soon 
    • Bobcat Virtual Academy (4K-12th grade)
  • Hands-on experiences at our school forest, and beyond, through our “Get Out There” program.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities in our ever-evolving Fab Lab!
  • Extra-Curricular options for every student!
  • College and Career Readiness opportunities-including college credits.
  • Community and volunteer support and mentoring!
  • A well-rounded education!

Core Values
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 Bobcat with Birchwood and Individually Unique-Together Complete