The first school house was built in 1903. The men of the village of Birchwood dontated their labor and a one room school was ready when September rolled around. George Huss, the agent for selling the Knapp, Stout, Company land, donated a full block for school purposes, it was located in a central location one block east of main street. The summer of 1903 saw more action. That building was moved up on the hill,carpenters were hired to build a two and a half story schoolhouse.

Picture: Birchwood's second schoolhouse. 1903.


First School

Second School

Parents were having meetings, students had parades with placards proclaiming "We Want a New School" They meant they wanted a modern building. At last it was settled and a new brick building was erected in 1921-22 directly east of the old building.

Picture: School Photograph from 1948.

In 1950, a new gym was added. A new entrance was then added in 1951. In 1961 a shop and band room were added along with three elementary rooms, restrooms and a new office. A kindergarten was added to the school in 1962-63.

Picture: After another addition, picture from 1967.

New Gym


In June of '99 a building referendum was passed, and a new high school addition and cafeteria were added to the existing building.

Picture: The current Birchwood School building.

March 2000 New Addition

In 1979 the old building was raised and a new building was erected on the same sight.

The band room and old gym are what remain of the 1961 addition

Picture: 1981


After completion of the new addition.and extensive remodeling to the existing building students moved into the addition in March 2000.

Picture:This is the new addition taken from the south corner of the parking lot.