Food Pantry - Back-Pack Program

The Birchwood Food Pantry helps out in the community in numerous ways. The Back Pack Program is just one of the many ways the Birchwood Area Food Pantry helps the community.

Back Pack Program


The Birchwood School District currently has 58% of their students receiving free or reduced cost lunches, which ranks the District as the 14th highest rate of 436 school districts.  The Backpack program called “Backpack Pals” was initiated to provide food to students for weekends and other times school is not in session during the school year.  The program was a huge success based on feedback from the recipients.  A “Backpack Pal” donates $196.95 a year (or 21.88 per month) to support one student.  We currently have approximately 65 students in the program, which reflects a 15% increase from last year.  We are hoping that these numbers will continue to increase as the school year goes on.  Right now we still need at least 20 more “Backpack Pals” for the kids.  If we are unable to provide these sponsors and funds are needed to continue the program, the Food Pantry will provide any needed funds from its general account.  THE PROGRAM WILL CONTINUE.  Our continuing goal is to provide weekend food for ALL children in need, and look toward the possibilities of a year-round program.

To Learn more about this great program, please visit the Birchwood Area Food Pantry website.