Why Choose Us

Birchwood School is the central hub to many opportunities in our area and provides our students with a variety of unique learning practices. Because of this practice, we pull in students via open enrollment from several area school districts. Geographically, the district encompasses nearly 200 square miles with a population density of 12.9 compared to 80.0 nationally.  Families send their children to Birchwood not because of geographic convenience, but because they value 1) the safe educational climate, 2) strong family and community support and involvement, 3) strong academic expectations at all levels, and 4) high graduation standards.  Birchwood’s attraction as a small regional school is validated by Wisconsin Taxpayers’ Alliance statistics that identify Birchwood as among the 7th highest of K-12 schools in open enrollment participants. Students attend from up to 35 miles away

It’s an Important Decision . .

Where a student attends school is a major decision for a family to make.  Birchwood offers four unique learning environments for our students.  If parents or students think that one of these options might be a good choice or want to know more about the choices, we encourage them to explore:
  • Information Sessions- attend an information session to learn more about our educational opportunities.
  • School Visits- Families are encouraged to come for a visit to Birchwood School.  See what makes us unique.
  • School District Options- Parents and students like Birchwood because of the options that exist here.
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