School Supplies Needed

School Supplies Needed
Posted on 08/22/2023
School SuppliesSchool Supplies Needed….

The Birchwood community and parents have been very supportive of students in the Birchwood School District.  Last school year, we had 58% of our students in poverty and parents struggling with day-to-day costs, including the purchase of school supplies.  Additionally, our teachers spend a large amount of their own money purchasing items for the children and needs in the building.  With school supplies a bit cheaper during this time of year, please consider picking up and donating an extra item or two for students and staff.  All donations are appreciated!

Items we are typically in need of each school year include:

-folders -glue sticks

-crayons -colored pencils

-markers (both thin and thick) -pipe cleaners (any color)

-googly eyes -yarn

-Kleenex -napkins

-glitter pens -popsicle sticks

-earbuds or headphones -wipies

-sticky tack -1 subject notebooks

-1"-2" binders -pre-sharpened pencils

- pens

Really, most any craft item!  Donations can be dropped off at the school or at Dairy State Bank.  

Thank you for considering!

The Birchwood School District Team